I have been working on my µBitx pretty steadily as kits and parts come in for the last month. I am almost done with installing the front end and digital interface kits from amateurradiokits.in . I have also figured out why I could not write to the raduino from the KD8CEC memory manager.

I have been taking my time as I have been waiting for parts like the new rotary encoder which is sitting on my desk ready to be soldered up. I am still waiting on the new volume pot, so I can solder that up and I am in business. The radio will have the settings already installed and ready to go when the hardware is installed.

The issue I was having with the memory manager was a settings problem and all is setup and displaying correctly now. I had read that you need to use 2 stop bits when you connect to the µBitx. Well, I was having all kinds of write errors doing that as well as information not being displayed correctly on the Nextion screen. Well I was in a hurry to do my 7698th upload to the raduino and I had to reconnect and accidentally hit one stop bit and low and behold everything came together and all of the attempts to write to the memory addresses was successful. So, for the connection settings look like this 36000, None, 8, and One.

I will get more pictures up later, but now it is off to move 100k lbs of rebar for the day.