Athena and her rawhide (8weeks old)

Well my µBitx has run into a slight delay.   Athena has joined our household.  Athena is a Chaos machine with teeth, and I am protecting the µBitx. We picked up a Great Dane Puppy last Saturday. She is exploring the world with her mouth at this stage of the game, so rather than pick up a new radio I have boxed the µBitx until she settles in some.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and my radio is sitting on the shelf still. Why? Because like a moron I forgot to buy the resistor values I need to make the simple s meter.  Athena is still with us as the XYL has not killed her. Actually I think it is the dog has made her way into the XYL’s heart.  I did pull out the radio and parts I had set aside for the Simple S Meter  and started building the circuit board for the S-meter sensor and found I didn’t have the 1k, or 10k resistors for the project. Back on the shelf we go and my µBitx has to sit and stare at me for a couple more weeks while I wait on the mail.

Then the fun begins. I am going to get a 3D printer to print an appropriate case for the radio.