I will be doing some antenna projects in the near future. I will put up the calculations I used for my projects as well as pictures.
2M/440 beam
I am considering using the 11 element Dual Band Yagi found on wb5cxc.com .
Hex Beam Antenna (20,17,15,10m)
I am using the calculations on hex-beam.com for a 20-6m version. It has an 11 ft turning radius and ought to be interesting to see how this antenna performs on a 50 foot tower (after we buy our new home).
This is more for my reference, but here is some simple dipole calculations for the lower ends of the bands. I prefer the simple calculations.
160M. 1.9MHZ, 1/2 wave 246.3 FT, 1/4wave 123.2FT
80M. 3.550MHZ, 1/2 wave 131.8 FT, 1/4 wave, 65.9FT
40M. 7.050 MHZ, 1/2 wave 66.4 FT, 1/4 wave 33.2 FT
30M. 10.125 MHZ, 1/2 wave 46.2 FT, 1/4 wave 23.1 FT
20M. 14.050 MHZ, 1/2 wave 33.3 FT, 1/4 wave 16.7 FT
17M. 18.118MHZ, 1/2 wave 25.8 FT, 1/4 wave 12.9 FT
15M. 21.050 MHZ, 1/2 wave 22.2 FT, 1/4 wave 11.1 FT
12M. 24.93 MHZ, 1/2 wave 18.8 FT, 1/4 wave 9.4 FT
10M. 28.050 MHZ, 1/2 wave 16.7, 1/4 wave 8.3FT
Some simple ideas for dipole construction are to use an SO239 and solder one end to the center conductor and one to the ground. I prefer a 1:1 balance with a coax connection. But it will do in a pinch. I also buy a cheap cutting board at Walmart and cut my insulators into what ever shape I need such as dog bone or even just a simple rectangle.

I am also debating between a moxon beam for 6M, a cubical quad, or 3 element beam.