Some balance is returning to our household after the addition of Athena. Athena is well on her way to becoming an adult Great Dane. It was not an easy adjustment though and my antennas took some of the brunt of the chaos. Athena decided that my coax tasted good and chewed clear through the coax feeding my vertical. Despite that she is a healthy 14 weeks old and 23 pounds. I am also happy to report she is sleeping through the night now so the XYL  is getting some sleep that is until I go to work.

My µBitx is still sitting as I have not received the resistors I need to finish the build of the S meter sensor, but I am chomping at the bit to get finished with the radio and get it on the air. I have the rest of the parts in place and soldered in, but there is a gaping hole for a 1k and 10k resistor, and the damn thing will be done and I will finally be able to get the radio on the air.

I am still going to hold off on the case as I decide whether to put a V5 board in or not.