My µBitx got an upgrade today; a 3.5″ Nextion touchscreen was installed.  made it very easy to do, and do yourself a favor and order the screen from somewhere other than Amazon. They are a bit pricey. The process is simple though. Oh, I put the warnings afterwards so you have to read the whole thing.

Upload the KD8CEC firmware to the µBitx. If your display comes up all w’s then you did it right.  Load the display drivers onto an sd card (between 1Gb and 32Gb.). Wire the adapter up to the included USB adapter, and plug it in; once again if it come up to a demo screen; you did it right. Now shut down the display and insert the sd card and plug it back in. The display should come up and update from the sd card. Reboot the display with the sd card out. If you see the µBitx display with all zero’s in the vfo display; your in good shape. Then it is just a matter of wiring it up. I didn’t find a schematic, but once again KD8CEC to the rescue as there is a picture of the display wired into the display socket on the Raduino. Then power up the µBitx and you should see your VFO values.

OK, now the warning. Follow the Directions on! It is very easy to screw up this display!

You have been informed and warned about screwing up. Have a good time installing this upgrade. It is worth the effort.