A friend of mine gave me the broad strokes of how DMR works, and if I got a radio he would help me program it. He did inform me that it would take a while for me to get my head around. Well, I purchased an Anytone AT-878UV hand held at  the SEAPAC convention, and there was not a bit of BSing about getting my head around it. Infact, my  doctorate level pharmacology class is simpler than DMR radio!

So far I have the 1,2 time slots down and that is about it. The colors, networks, and code plugs remain a total friggin mystery to me, as are how to upload these CSV files to the rig. I did hook up my radio to a PC and using the software was able to look at some of the settings, and I now have my DMR code (3143464) for those who wish to add me to thier “contact list.” In the mean time I have my softrock rxtx ensemble inbound today, as are a mini dipole for 30M. I also have a couple of antenna projects to work on today like a squalo antenna for 6M or a Moxon antenna.